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Hello, hello! :D

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. If weather’s not been friendly on your part of the world, well, not where I live either. It’s been cloudy and rainy for the most part this weekend. I ended up spending most of Saturday…sleeping. My cat Sandy has been pretty lazy too. The only time he gets excited is feeding time. Other than that, I would find him curled somewhere under the furniture if not on it.

Last week, I told you that I was going to try to make Tom Yum soup. Well, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. The smell and look were right, but the taste was somewhat plain. I followed the recipe, but a friend of mine told me that cooking is intuitive. Sounds exactly like my mom. Anyways, I’m just going to stick with the easy ones for this week: lemon chicken, honey mustard chicken and steamed veggies.

I just looked in my photo archives and found a few photos from my trip to Singapore last year. I visited a couple of friends in August 2013. On the first night, I went for dinner with one of the two and we had a nice Moroccan dinner at the Deli Moroccan. It is located at Bugis area, somewhere near Arab Street. I can’t recall the exact street name though. I really enjoyed the food and I loved the tea! I don’t know how they made it, but it tasted different from any tea I had ever had. If you are adventurous with food, you should try it. Here are the snapshots and have a great week ahead!


I had lamb, my friend had beef. The meat was tender and very delicious!


The Moroccan tea. The pot makes me think of Aladin and the genie!


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Hello Again!

Hello! Hello! :D

I haven’t written for a while, have I? How is everyone doing? I hope all is well and everybody is having a good start of the year. I miss you guys! A few of you wrote to me and share some photos. I was happy to read them and enjoyed the photos!

On my part, I am well. I had a nice christmas time and started the year determined to make my resolutions come true :D My home improvement project is still on-going. I am now working on the back part of my house. The construction guys are now working on installing a sliding door that will allow view of the backyard from inside the house. They are digging the ground too so that the patio floor will be about 30 cm lower than the house. My plan is that the floor (just the floor) looks something like this:


Another resolution is to read 1 book a month. I had a poor reading record last year: only 8 books a year! So, I am going to improve that to at least 12. In January 2014 alone, I have managed to finish 3 books: a novel, an autobiography and a poem book. I am reading non-fiction right now, a management book on Collaboration. I have been getting sidetracked a bit, because of a new hobby I found: collecting slow cooking recipes.

Yes, I am now cooking my own lunch, a result of my gaining weight getting out of control. So, I am trying to eat healthy food now and the only way I can do that is by cooking my own meals. So far, I have managed to relatively successfully cooked Italian Chicken & Potato, Sweet & Spicy Chicken and Honey Mustard Chicken. Yeah, all chicken :D I love chicken. And well, I bought more than I needed last week :D For next week, I am going to try one of my favourite dishes: Tom Yum Seafood Soup. Ideally, it will look like this:


You have to understand though, that I am not a willing cook, so you can’t ask me yet to try to cook for other people :D

Anyways, how about you? What are your resolutions this year? Share them with me, if you want to. They say that if you share your goals with other people, it helps to achieve them because those people will help remind you.

Well, I am going to end this note here. Have a great weekend and Happy Lunar Year to my Chinese friends :)


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Cheerful Giving Day

Hello :D

How are you all doing? I hope you are all well and happy. If you’ve had a tough week, then I hope this weekend you get to rest and unwind. Do fun things with your loved ones. Switch off and recharge.

By the way, this Friday, I joined a small party at the office, arranged by my colleagues from Finance Department. We exchanged gifts, with a couple of ground rules: wrap it with newspaper and it cannot worth more than $5. I got a teddy-bear lamp and an umbrella! :D It was fun. I am pretty new to the company, so, it felt as quite a warm welcome. The thing I always prayed for whenever I crossed over to another side was that I found good friends. And so far, that has always been the case.

So, what about you? Have you marked your calendar for a christmas or year-end party yet? Well, I hope you will have a wonderful time ending this year. It has been sort of a turbulent year for me. But, no regrets :)

I’m gonna share with you snapshots from the office party. Share yours too if you have some :) Happy weekend!



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