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Happy Weekend

on June 8, 2012

Hello! 😃

How has your week turned out to be so far? I hope you have a productive one and complete all your targets so that you can go into the weekend for some fun. Mine has been good and I am again fortunate to fine good colleagues who opened up the chance to build a great teamwork. Challenges are of course many to be dealt with, but that is exactly the point! 😊

Btw, do you still carry on with your new year’s resolution(s)? I missed my reading target for last month. So, I need to carry through one additional book for this month. It is going to be a challenge with the Euro 2012 matches on TV!

Anyway, to share with you the new view outside my office window, here’s a snapshot I took yesterday behind my desk. It’s been cloudy for the past few days, but yesterday morning was clear sky. Have a beautiful weekend with your loved ones!




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