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Sunset in Jakarta

Sunset like this makes Jakarta bearable.


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The Sky Above My House


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Bon Weekend!

Hello 😃

I hope your week has turned out to be better than okay and you will be able to go into the weekend for a full switch off from work and full switch on for fun. Mine will start later tonight with Jason Mraz concert! Yay! 😃 I heard from someone that he gave a great performance in Thailand and I am sure I will enjoy his concert here. It should compensate for the lack of flying I will have for at least the next 6 months.

Speaking of flying, I digged my photos archive, and found this snapshot I took on board a plane to Paris from Pisa. It really makes me miss traveling so much! Well, here’s 🍻 to me having the chance to travel again soon!

Have a super lovely weekend!



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