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Don’t Burn Your Weekend!

on July 5, 2012

Hello 😊

What a great day Friday is! It’s my favorite weekday now. Although the traffic in the evening is a pain, but when I get past it, I get to have the eagerly anticipated weekend. I am trying to discipline myself not to burn my weekends bringing work home, unlesss I cannot help it.

How is it going with you this week? I hope all is well with you. My week has been rather roller-coasterish; in fact, the past few weeks have. There is an interesting experience though. I found that people tend to easily share their frustrations with me. So, I did a lot of listening recently. I feel almost like a psychologist! 😄 But, the experience helps me see life with better light.

Anyways, I was waiting for a movie show a few weeks ago when I realized that outside it was sunset. You know how I love sunset! So, here’s another snapshot of sunset over the cityline of Jakarta.


Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones!



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