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Lovely Weekend for All!

on July 12, 2012


It’s been a rather interesting week for me and the rest of Jakarta citizens. Wednesday was election day for the Governor of Greater Jakarta. So, it was declared public holiday for those who hold Greater Jakarta citizenship to allow them the opportunity to vote. I exercised my right to vote and participate in the movement for change and a much better Jakarta.

For my international friends who may not know, the way we vote — just like most of our activities in this country — are very much manual. We go to the designated voting places where there are officers who will register and verify our IDs against a manual list of eligible voters. We will then asked to wait for our turn. When our names are called, then an officer will present a folded voting paper, open and display it to assigned witnesses who will confirm that it is in good condition and valid. We will be given the valid voting paper and ushered to the voting chamber. The voting paper contains numbered pictures and names of the candidates. We will vote by putting a whole in the picture of the candidate we choose using a nail (yes, a nail) provided in the chamber. Afterwards, we fold back the voting paper, put it in the vote box, and dip any of our fingers into a bowl of blue ink. The purpose is to ensure that no one votes twice. It’s not perfect, but that’s what we have now.

So, snapshots for this week will be election day pics. Have a lovely weekend ahead with your loved ones!

This is the place where I voted. You see a sign board “TPS 15”, which is the vote area code for my neighborhood.

The proof that I voted: My little finger.



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