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About Lies

on July 30, 2012

What I read last weekend just before I got home and found that somebody had broken in and stole stuffs (I’ll survive and I’ve forgiven the thief – this quote is more important to share):

“If you’re a leader who lies to your people then you have almost certainly lost the right to lead. Your people may still be complying with the requirements placed on them but they are no longer committed to you, or in most cases, the organization. Their trust is gone and gone with it is the respect that you desperately need to lead.

I think big lies hurt the most but the effect of a series of small lies, you know those little white ones, can have the same effect over time as one big whopper. When you are less than honest, completely honest, with your people they begin to doubt everything you say even when you are honest. When they can’t believe what you say they assume the worst and morale plunges.” — Steve Keating

So, about lies: Honesty is the best policy.


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