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You in 6 Words

on August 2, 2012

Hello 🌹

I hope it has been a great week for you. It has been a trying one for me, but I remember one of my good friends used to say: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” So, something made me stronger this week.

I just realized that the emoticons I’ve been using don’t show on all mail apps. Well, if you see a tiny box beside the “Hello”, I just want you to know that I am giving you a rose 🙂

Anyway, I read sometime back about an interesting challenge. That is writing a biography in six words. Yes, 6 (SIX) words. Nobel prize winner, Ernest Hemingway was once reportedly challenged with this. And he came up with this bio of a baby: “FOR SALE: BABY SHOES NEVER WORN.” Imagine the sad story behind it. So, for this week, no travel quiz. But, if you have time, write me a six-word bio of yourself. I’ll come up with something for each responder 🙂 For a start, let me write mine: “ITCHY FEET, BORN ON CHRISTMAS EVE.” There. Your turn now 😀 You can reply to this email or put a comment on my blog by clicking this link: You in 6 Word

On another note, I found this baby girl picture on my Pinterest a couple days ago. Isn’t she adorable? I fell in love at first sight! I want her for Christmas! (not this year maybe, but next year perhaps?) A perfect reason to quit your day job: either you grow plants…or grow children 😀

Have a blessed weekend with your family. To the parents, I just want you to know: I envy you. Don’t sell your children, not just yet ;-D




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