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Name The Song and The City

on August 9, 2012

Hello 🌹

First of all, I’d like to say that my heart goes out to friends in Manila. Hope you and your family are safe…

I feel that time passes by very quickly. It’s Friday again! 😃 By the way, thanks to those who made time to “play along” with my 6-word bio thingy. I got great micro-biographies and I would like to publish them here:

“..blessed one, luckiest husband and father.” –> obviously a very happily married man.

“ far okay and still alive.” –> someone who looks like been working very hard and needing a vacation.

“Do not ever analyze crazy people.” –> Looks like some people are driving this person crazy.

“I hate numbers, I love picture.” –> must be someone who lost multiplication table back at school ;-D

“A chosen one with many blessings.” –> a very grateful person.

Anyway, recently a friend introduced me to a game called Song Pop (I bet you know it and are as addicted as I am!). I ended up playing until midnight. But, it got me thinking about songs that have city names as titles or lyrics. So, let’s do this: name a song that you know that has city name as title or part of its lyric. I’ll give it the first shot: “English man in New York” by Sting.

…which reminds me of the movie “Autumn in New York” and this picture of Central Park – I hope I get to see this someday… Have a blessed weekend.




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