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The Matching Game

on August 23, 2012

Hello again 😃 –> if you only see a tiny box, I’m telling you now that that is me with a wide grin on my face

Isn’t August a lovely month? 😃 People get to go on vacations. Kids are happy having more time with their parents. Couples get romantic holidays. And it’s blue sky and glorious sun everyday. Well, the heat (and the mosquitos!) can be too much sometimes in Jakarta. But, other than that all is good.

How are you doing? I am sensing that many are very busy at work. I hope everything works out well for you and your goals are achieved. Just take good care of yourself, physically and…mentally. Healthy inside and outside. That is very important.

The past week is Iedul Fitri holiday week. So, I got to stay home having lots of sleep, food, and tv. Basically fattening myself. My only achievement is completing reading a book. I am behind target on reading by a couple of books. So, I need to catch up. I have another one I am starting now and I hope I can finish it within this month.

Anyway, I’m going to be traveling beginning next week. First stop will be Belitung Islands Aug 28-30. Next will be Bali Sep 4-6. Then I will be off to Ho Chi Minh City Sep 11-13 and will end the tour by checking out on how my best friend in Shanghai is doing and meet up with a lovely friend on Sep 20-23.

Now, quiz time again! You know the places I am going to. So, I have four pictures representing those places. Match the pictures clockwise with the places. Easy. Coffee’s on me for the first one with correct answer (virtual coffee of course, unless you manage to be in one of those places when I’m there hehe).

Here are the pictures. Have a lovely weekend!




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