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Postcard from Belitung Island

Hello! 😃

How are you doing? I hope all is well with you. By the way, I only got two answers for last week’s quiz. One is correct: Shanghai, Belitung Island, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bali. I thought it was a no brainer 😃

I just got back from the first installment of the four weekly trips I have planned before. It started rather scary as the plane was first delayed for over an hour (like most low cost airlines). And then, just as we were supposed to take off, the plane turned back because there was a technical problem. My favorite spot is always by the window because I love the sky and the clouds and the sun and all that, you know. So, like most times, I was seated by the window, right over the right wing and engine. Imagine how nervous I got when, right after the plane turned back, the engineer ran and started poking the engine beneath my window. It turned out to be a really quick fix, which was a huge relief. That was a first for me and I hope the last. (To my dear friend IR, don’t let this experience put you off flying, man. I got home safely, didn’t I? 😊)

I took over 200 photos! Imagine that. Of course not all is good. So, I’m just gonna share with you my favorites. I am also planning to write a more detailed travel note later on. I will share once I have posted it on my blog. Anyways here are the pictures! Enjoy your weekend! Be happy!


#1 The plane that took me to Belitung Island and the engine with problem earlier.


#2 Fishermen village at Tanjung Binga (tanjung means cape). I took the shot using the dramatic tone art filter on my Olympus EP3 because it was cloudy and the colors a bit gloomy.


#3 This is the view from the top of the old light house at Lengkuas Island, nearby Belitung Island. I had to overcome my height phobia as the light house is quite tall, 18 stories! And it is a very old one too, built by the Dutch in 1882!


#4 …and there’s the light house. No elevator. So, I got a chance to burn some fat!


#5 And of course, my favorite of them all is the sunset. Taken at another cape at Belitung Island called Tanjung Pendam. I sat there for almost an hour, waiting and worrying that the cloud would ruin my sunset. But, it is still breathtaking to me even with the clouds hanging. Can’t stop looking at it!


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The Matching Game

Hello again 😃 –> if you only see a tiny box, I’m telling you now that that is me with a wide grin on my face

Isn’t August a lovely month? 😃 People get to go on vacations. Kids are happy having more time with their parents. Couples get romantic holidays. And it’s blue sky and glorious sun everyday. Well, the heat (and the mosquitos!) can be too much sometimes in Jakarta. But, other than that all is good.

How are you doing? I am sensing that many are very busy at work. I hope everything works out well for you and your goals are achieved. Just take good care of yourself, physically and…mentally. Healthy inside and outside. That is very important.

The past week is Iedul Fitri holiday week. So, I got to stay home having lots of sleep, food, and tv. Basically fattening myself. My only achievement is completing reading a book. I am behind target on reading by a couple of books. So, I need to catch up. I have another one I am starting now and I hope I can finish it within this month.

Anyway, I’m going to be traveling beginning next week. First stop will be Belitung Islands Aug 28-30. Next will be Bali Sep 4-6. Then I will be off to Ho Chi Minh City Sep 11-13 and will end the tour by checking out on how my best friend in Shanghai is doing and meet up with a lovely friend on Sep 20-23.

Now, quiz time again! You know the places I am going to. So, I have four pictures representing those places. Match the pictures clockwise with the places. Easy. Coffee’s on me for the first one with correct answer (virtual coffee of course, unless you manage to be in one of those places when I’m there hehe).

Here are the pictures. Have a lovely weekend!



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Blessed Weekend and Ied Mubarak

Hello 🌹

I am sending out the note early as this Friday is Indonesia’s Independence Day and next Monday is already Iedul Fitri/Lebaran holiday.

Oh, by the way, thank you for sending me your songs with city names. It was fun 😃 I got in total 16 songs with about 20 cities mentioned including my birth city: Solo! While New York is likely the city mentioned the most in songs. Out of the 20 cities, I have only been to 5 of them including Jakarta and Solo.

So…How is it going in your part of the world? Have you given yourself some time-out from your hectic world and had some time off holidaying with your loved ones (or traveling solo like what I have done on many occassions)? I hope you have as I am sure we all deserve a break now and then. As for me, I just made another radical decision which I do not really know where it will really lead me. But, life is about taking risks. So, I’ll deal with whatever comes my way. That radical decision has opened the door for me to do what I enjoy doing, that is traveling (for fun)! 😃 So, by end of August, you should see some pictures from Belitung Island and its small group of neighboring islands. I have been wanting to go there for a while. So, I’m really excited about the trip 😃 I am also planning a stay in either Bali or Gili Trawangan afterwards. Still undecided. If you have any recommendation on where to stay in either island, let me know.

This Tuesday, I had the chance to go to another concert. If you grew up in the ’90s like I did, you likely know a swedish indie band (well, not so indie anymore now) called The Cardigans and their songs “Carnival”, “Love Fool” and “Rise and Shine”. I went in a group of 12. So, it helped to make things more lively as the concert itself wasn’t as exciting as we hoped it would be. I have a few snapshots from my ancient Sony Ericsson phone and am sharing them with you.

Have a blessed weekend. To my moslem friends, I wish you all a wonderful Iedul Fitri holiday with your families.







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