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Postcard from Bali

on September 6, 2012

Hello! 😃

How have you been? Busy I suppose, which is good as long as you also take good care of yourself. I am in the middle of reading a good book and I am quoting a piece of it that I think is good advice: “Get enough sleep. Don’t neglect your family. Tend to your emotional needs.” The third may not look so interesting for male readers. But, hey, guess why most women outlive men? *wink*

I just got back from the second installment of my travel mini-series. No problem with the aeroplanes this time. I am doing okay and had a relaxing time in Bali. Enjoyed the spa and the relatively quiet Petitenget beach (near Seminyak). After the two trips I made, I realized that the beach is easier to photograph with less physical effort. You just walk over there and that’s it. Weather permitting, you’ve got some of the most fantastic sights of natural beauty. While I’m more a mountain person, with my age and extra weight, I have to be more realistic with wanting to photograph, say, sunrise on Mount Gede (a 2,958-meter high mountain about 2 hours drive south of Jakarta).

So, here are a few snapshots of Bali. Remember to get enough sleep. Spend time with your loved ones. For the guys, drinking is not considered as “tending to your emotional needs” hehe…Have a great weekend everyone!

#1: The mountains of east Java as the plane flew over them on the way to Bali.


#2: My first evening out: Petitenget beach.


#3: Saw a boy playing beach football with his dad. Very cute.


#4: Went to see the unfinished statue of Wisnu at Uluwatu. Not sure how to photograph a statue, especially when it’s cloudy. So…here goes.


#5: Went to a Kecak Dance performance too. Not impressed with the background and lighting. Though it’s no excuse for bad photos hehe…




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