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Saigon Photo Series: Places

Main Temple – Cao Dai


Pillars of the main temple – Cao Dai


Notre Dame Cathedral


Inside Notre Dame Cathedral


The Post Office


The Reunification Palace


Street Names – Hotel de Ville in the background


The Opera House


Ben Thanh Market

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On Board Flight QZ7736





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Postcard from Saigon

Hello! 😃

How quickly a week passes by! It’s already Friday again. I hope it has been a great week for you and it will be even better because you’re hours away from weekend.

I got a couple of emails that mentioned only one photo came out right on my last note. Well, if you’d
Iike to see the other photos, you can see it here. You can also view more photos from my Belitung island trip here and here.

I’ve just returned from Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon. It has been an interesting trip. I did the tourist stuffs and joined a tour to Cao Dai temple and Cu Chi tunnel. In between, we had home cooked lunch at a local house and it was a great one. It had been raining in the city and it rained as soon as we stepped out of the van. I tried to get into the tunnel, but I got instant claustrophobia one meter inside the tunnel. So, a scared Grace backed off too easily. After the tour, a lovely friend took me to a great dinner and then gave me a tour around the city center on her motorbike. I am still amazed with the girls who ride motorbikes, often times on a very girlie dress 😀 I wanted to take a photo of one, but kept missing them as they passed me by. The next day was originally for a tour to Mekong Delta, but as it had been raining in the morning I decided to cancel and explore the city instead, partly on foot partly by taxi. I’ve got some interesting shots which took more edits than I would have liked due to the cloudy sky.

Anyways, here are the snapshots. Have a blessed weekend!

#1: What are the odds of “bumping” into another jet plane on a flight? It was quite an experience when I saw this on my way to HCMC.


#2: A lady on her bicycle at Cao Dai temple.


#3: The grandma cooked us lunch, assisted by her daughters. She’s 80++ old! And she sent us on our way with a bag full of rambutans from a tree in front of her house. We love her!


#4: First stop on the city tour: Notre Dame Cathedral. Oh, look! There’s a couple doing a pre-wed shoot!


#5: Fourth stop: City Hall. I should’ve come at night time.


#6: On my way to the last stop. Hm….the logo looks familiar… 😉



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