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Meow or Woof?

on October 18, 2012

My earliest memory was when I was 2. It was the moment I was beginning to understand what creatures around me were doing. It was as if I was awaken for the very first time. Surrounded by cats and a dog with no tail. And so I always love them, the cats especially. Until my last cat went MIA almost 10 years ago, we always had one. My mom always found one if the one before died. For some reason, ours had always been white and yellow. I can’t recall having one with different color. But, I love all cats, regardless of race, gender, religious belief (hey, you’ll never really know, a cat may be spiritual too. You can’t read minds, including cats’), sexual preference (most of ours were female and straight, so mom had them on pills), and number of toes (I just found out Hemingway had cats with 6 toes! They’re called polydactyl).

I used to almost (depending on how close an ‘almost’ is to you) look like this when I was 2. Well, probably not. I hope my future daughter will be as beautiful as her though — God willing.

This lazy brat here is believed to be descendant of Hemingway’s polydactyl cat. Right, even cats have their genealogies sorted. Make sure you got yours sorted too.

I personally believe cats and dogs can sense your emotional condition. They know if you’re happy or sad. I even read about one cat named Oscar* that can sense if someone is going to die. He would stay with that dying person until his/her last breath. Certain research found that elderly people are happier and calmer when there are cats around. I believe it. My cat consoled me when I was sad. And the good thing about cats and dogs is they can’t talk human. So, you can pour your heart out and all you get is some “woof” or “meow”. They don’t judge. They don’t analyze. They don’t even try to understand why you’re sad. They just stay there with you in silence. And that is soothing because sometimes all you need is the silent companionship. And a few hugs. Plus a box of tissues. Well, add a bit(!) of Lays chips. And chocolate. Or cheese cake.

A little flash back. The day my last kitty went MIA, she still walked me to the front door. She always sent me off to work. How sweet is that, huh?! So, I went to work and she wasn’t home when I returned. I thought she went to the park nearby to play. But morning came and she still didn’t come home. Another night. Another morning. No sign of her. Weeks passed by and I knew she would never come back. I had lost one of my best friends. It broke my heart. I actually dreamed of her for months as my subconscious mind was still hoping she would come home.

So, I didn’t find myself another cat after that faithful day. I was very much occupied with work and I had no one who could help take care of my pet. I have to admit that I am a bit lousy when it comes to nurturing my pet. My brother used to feed our cat after mom died. And he used to be jealous because she liked to play with me more, while it was he who fed her everyday. But, after 10 years, maybe it’s about time to get one. Or get a dog. I will have someone who can help take care of it when I’m away working. That will be great, won’t it? I’ll get to practice animal photography too. Who knows, my cat or dog can be an instagram celebrity like this:


I’m gonna sleep on it…. Maybe I should get a golden retriever though. After years with cats, perhaps it’s time for a dog.

Note: *) The cat I mentioned is the one in David Dosa’s book ‘Making Rounds with Oscar’

Jakarta, Oct 17, 2012


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