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The Boat Series Finale

on October 26, 2012


How have you all been? I hope everyone is in good shape for the weekend. As for me, when you read this, I most likely am away from home doing some sort of blitzkrieg work. It’s the kind with minimum sleep and maximum work. And there is (small, I hope) chance that I looked like this:


So, I wrote this in advance and scheduled it for today’s delivery. I don’t want to miss writing to you special people!

The answer to last week’s quiz is Shanghai πŸ™‚ Some mistook it for HK. This week is the boat series finale. Next week is a new theme, it will be the Italian series from my trip 2 years ago. We will have fun! πŸ˜€ O, and thank you for the pet suggestions. I will take them all into consideration. Once I’m back to Jakarta, I’ll decide.

Here goes the last boat image. Tell me where it is! Have a fabulous weekend!




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