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The Weekend Getaway


How are you all doing? Has your week turned out okay? I hope so and I hope you’re heading towards the end of the year in good spirit.

As for me, I am undergoing what they call Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (T-BOSIET). It trains you to, among other things, escape from a sinking helicopter. So, this Thursday afternoon, I got in a simulator and got drowned 4 times with seatbelt on and window and door closed. We were expected to know how to open the window/door, unlatched the seatbelt, and swim up to the surface. The last two, they turned the simulator helicopter upside down under water. So…I spent weeks in the jungles of Indonesian mountains before. Nothing prepared me for that. Some people must think it’s pretty cool. Wait until they drown you upside down. Ha! By the way, I’m scheduled to go to an oil rig by Dec 10 for a week. Pray for my safety, please. You know the weather at this time of the year in Indonesia.

Now, remember that I went to Bali for a weekend getaway sometime back? Well, I’m going to share the photos with you. I think being spontaneous is fun! You should try it sometime, if you haven’t already.

So here are the photos. Have a lovely happy fun cheerful weekend! Don’t burn it!







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The Italian Series Finale


This is a quick hello (which obviously I have said – doh!), as I am far away on an island somewhere in the South Cina sea. For work. I hope you are all well. And I, myself, am well too. Tired, but well.

So, this is the last part of the Italian series. This is an edit of a photo I took when wondering around aimlessly in an Italian city. Tell me which city. I’m gonna give you a clue: “mutant ninja turtle”.


Here’s the photo. Have a lovely weekend!



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The Italian Series Ep 3


How are you all doing? Has it been a good week for you? I hope so. Mine is a mixture of many things. It’s a bit overwhelming, a bit dizzying. But, maybe that’s what makes life interesting. Because it prompts me to be spontaneous (those in the know knew that I made a last minute decision to spend last weekend in Bali with one of my best friends; photos to come later!).

So, I got two correct answers for last week’s quiz. It is Arc of Constantine, a monument built next to the famous Colosseum in Rome. It looks rather nice seen from atop the Colosseum, doesn’t it? And I heard, there’s a small stall selling pringles nearby too (not that it’s important hehe).

Now, on to the next episode. This is an edit of a photo I took in Florence. I really admire the sculptors of ancient Italy. They made statues look so real: the muscles, the curls of the hair, the expression, the rumples of the robes. Just amazing. This one is the statue of Hercules defeating a centaur. What you need to tell me is: where it is exactly in Florence. Name the exact location!

Have a lovely weekend!



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