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The Italian Series Ep 3

on November 16, 2012


How are you all doing? Has it been a good week for you? I hope so. Mine is a mixture of many things. It’s a bit overwhelming, a bit dizzying. But, maybe that’s what makes life interesting. Because it prompts me to be spontaneous (those in the know knew that I made a last minute decision to spend last weekend in Bali with one of my best friends; photos to come later!).

So, I got two correct answers for last week’s quiz. It is Arc of Constantine, a monument built next to the famous Colosseum in Rome. It looks rather nice seen from atop the Colosseum, doesn’t it? And I heard, there’s a small stall selling pringles nearby too (not that it’s important hehe).

Now, on to the next episode. This is an edit of a photo I took in Florence. I really admire the sculptors of ancient Italy. They made statues look so real: the muscles, the curls of the hair, the expression, the rumples of the robes. Just amazing. This one is the statue of Hercules defeating a centaur. What you need to tell me is: where it is exactly in Florence. Name the exact location!

Have a lovely weekend!




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