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Hong Kong Series Ep 1: Children

on January 4, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!! 😀

Hello, hello.

How are you guys? Some of you are still in holiday maybe. I hope everyone has had a great holiday. Mine was great as I spent it in one of my favorite countries, Hong Kong, meeting some special friends and special angelic creatures.

So, did resolutions from last year work out as planned? Mine didn’t 😀 Do you have any resolution for this year? I read somewhere that you should make resolutions that focus on relationships, like fall in love (for the single ones, of course), go home at 6 to have dinner every night with family, etc. I’m gonna give falling in love a try 😉 Let’s see what happens…in 90 days.

Anyways, of course I have photos from my Hong Kong trip. I’m gonna do a series of three. First is the little angels I had the honor to meet and play with during my visit. They are so so adorable, I want to get my own! So, here they are, meet Matthew and Angela (Parents: please don’t sue me for unauthorized publication!). Have a great weekend!





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