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Dusk at Stanley Bay

on January 31, 2013


How are you doing? I hope all is well with you and you have had a great couple of weeks. I missed last week’s note as I had quite a number of things to do and complete before this Monday. My world is still sort of upside down, but the thing about life is…as Robert Frost said: It goes on. So, I am (learning and) trying to make the most of the circumstances and carry on. And at times like these, I truly appreciate being blessed with great friends and family.

On another note, I got several emails who asked to see me in a photo. Well, you can say I am a bit shy and never confident being photographed. I prefer to be the eye behind the camera most of the time. But, I’m gonna try it. I managed to do one self-portrait, which is decent. So, I’m gonna do this magazine column style. So, you see my photo in thumbnail size at the top of the email before the photo story. Fair enough, right? đŸ™‚

So. This week’s photo is one of my favorite place and view in Hong Kong: Stanley Bay. I just so love this sunset view…It’s mind soothing to me.

Alright, so, enjoy your weekend. I hope it’s a great one and you get to spend time with your beloved.

Dusk at Stanley Bay



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