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Batam Island

on March 9, 2013

Hello 🙂

How have you been? I hope that you are enjoying your weekend and have some quality time for yourself and your loved ones. My week has been okay. The weekend has been okay too. I have to prepare for another sea trip on Monday. I can’t say that I look forward to it, but we don’t always get to do glorious exciting stuffs. Sometimes we have to cope with less fun things. I suppose, it helps us appreciate the little fun activities that we get to do but we take for granted, like having coffee at our favourite coffee shops or read books at a park. Or shopping, if you’re a shopaholic. I have my moments when shopping is a lot of fun, but I am not a devout shopper 🙂

Early this morning, I actually got a phoneography challenge from WordPress to go out and take snapshots of the neighbourhood using my phone. But, I just got lazy and return back to sleep for a few more hours. Maybe I will do it tomorrow and share the snapshots with you for the time when I am back from my sea and island trips. Maybe I will show you my favourite coffee shop and the small park near my home and the hectic traffic 🙂 But for this week, I have one snapshot from my flight to Batam island a few days ago. It is a small island east of Sumatra, the main island of western Indonesia beside Java. I think one of the few things that make traveling for work bearable is the scenery, especially when the sky is clear. It is just stunning.

So here it is, Batam’s sky, sea and islands. Have a wonderful week ahead!



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