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What Besties Mean

on April 5, 2013

Hello 🙂

How have you been? I missed a note last week, for the simple reason of laziness. I bought another book by Ayu Utami and basically was so engrossed reading it that I did not do much else except watching dvds last weekend (then fell asleep in the middle of it).

Anyway, I got an interesting question from a colleague, a South African of French origin. He was puzzled when I said I have more than 10 best friends. He found it rather odd to have so many best friends. So, he asked me what qualifies a person to be my best friend. Perhaps, it is a cultural thing. Being Indonesian, I consider almost everyone I met a friend and I try as much as possible to keep in touch with everyone I meet. For me, personally, when I share more than my travel stories, then you are a good friend. The best friends are people who have known me for many many years in an intimate way and I share with them also my vulnerabilities. They bear with me through thick and thin, through some dark moments of depression and still stick around. They have a place in my heart and although we may not be in constant contact, when we get together, we simply resume. I consider myself blessed, because when I came to think of it, there was always someone or a group of friends that was dropped like a paratrooper into my “war zone”. So, some of the besties are veterans who have known me since my college days. Some not that long, but it is not the duration that counts, of course. It is the life we share.

Alright. Picture time. Did I share the snapshot of my favorite coffee shop near my home? Well, there is a coffee shop called Bakoel Koffie, which means coffee seller. If I’m in town, I go there every saturday morning. Sometimes, even on sunday. I love the quiet, the antique wooden chairs, and the retro feel about it that makes me relive my early childhood. It is a place frequented by tourists too. So, here’s the snapshot. If you like coffee and one day you visit Jakarta, drop by and see if you like it too.

Have a blessed weekend. Enjoy it with family and friends.




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