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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

My interpretation of UP: a photo of the lighthouse on one of Belitung’s nearby mini-islands. Built by the Dutch in the late 1800s. I took the photo from the base in a rather cloudy day.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

My first attempt at wedding photography was at my best friend’s because she made me do it. It was a shamble, as it rained and the venue had to move inside and there was no proper lighting, while I have always been a lazy photo taker who bring only my Olympus EP3. But it was a beautiful shamble.

I think a wedding represents one of the biggest change in someone’s life. So, here’s my entry this week.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

One of my favorite filter in my Olympus EP3 is Dramatic Tone, which accentuates colors in, well, a dramatic way. I took this when wandering around Taikang Road in Shanghai, China. It is the window of an art shop that has become a go-to place if I ever return there.