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What’s In A Name

Hello, hello 🙂

How are you all doing? I hope all is well and the week ended well too. Mine is mixed. Have you ever felt like fish out of the water and you just can’t really blend in somewhere? That’s what I am feeling now. For the first time after a very long time, I feel that the things I like and enjoy are getting in the way. I like sharing my travel stories around the world, but somehow it came across as showing off. I mentioned a few French words and it also came across the same way. And my accent when speaking in English (which reportedly does not sound Indonesian enough) is also a problem. Even liking a certain mall seems to be out of place because it is posh. So, I am thinking of just shutting my mouth up. Perhaps, I will just talk about the weather to be safe.

Okay, I am sorry. Enough grumble-grumble.

I have a funny story 🙂 You see, I always think that (1) my name is common in Indonesia, and (2) people who work at Starbucks Indonesia will know how to spell it right. I mean it is Starbucks, they must have certain English proficiency standard when recruiting. So, to spell G-R-A-C-E should have been a terribly easy task. But it is not. I went to Starbucks at one of the major buildings in Jakarta and the barista politely asked for my name. I politely answered, while she politely wrote it on the cup. I waited for a while, then she politely called me: “One tall Americano for Ms Greish!”

One tall Americano for Ms Greish 😀 G-R-E-I-S-H. Thank you 🙂 Here’s the cup:


After that, I decided to experiment with different western names. The names Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Gwyneth Paltrow crossed my mind. So, the next time, I said that my name was Gwyneth. And so they called me again: “One tall Americano for Ms Gwenth!”

One tall Americano for Ms Gwenth 😀 G-W-E-N-T-H. Thank you 🙂 Here’s the cup:


What’s in a name, huh? 😀 Well, there’s the potential for mispelling and some fun. I welcome name suggestions for my next experiment. In the meantime, have a great weekend!


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