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The Amazing Sunset Over Java

Hello, hello.

I hope everyone is doing well and happy and enjoying the weekend. I am stranded voluntarily at the usual coffee shop, waiting for the rain to stop. So, I decided to write this note to you guys.

I just returned home yesterday from Yogyakarta. It has been a tough (depressing) week, as one of my best friends can testify, but I am alright now. It wasn’t all bad, as I managed to shop for batik and got myself a nice cheap batik blouse and a girly batik dress. Also, on the way home, I was on board of Garuda Airlines, whose pilot for the flight was a great tour guide! He flew the plane and showed us the peaks of Mount Sundoro and Sumbing (which I stupidly missed to shoot because I was so amazed) and gave us some stunning sunset views which I am sharing with you now.

Oh, by the way, remember I wanted to have a pet again? I wrote and asked you if I should get a cat or a dog. I made up my mind to get a cat again. But, the picky girl that I am, I want a specific cat: an American Bobtail Short Hair cat. I browsed the internet, but although some advertise american bobtail, they have yet to have the kittens to put up for adoption/sale. So, if by any chance, you come upon an american bobtail short hair cat in Jakarta up for adoption, preferably 1 year old, let me know.

Here are the sunsets. Have a great weekend and week ahead.





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The Quote

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

How is everyone doing? I hope you are all well and happy.

I am currently away for an assignment in Yogyakarta, a region on the south coast of Central Java. Life is still a swinging pendulum and I have decisions to make. It has been quite tough for me dealing with some challenging people. But it made me learn one important thing, which Benjamin Franklin said perfectly and I quote:

โ€œTell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.โ€

It has inspired me to be a leader that always keeps that in mind. I have made a promise, and you are all my witnesses, that I will never leave out anyone who works with and for me in any team. I will definitely give anybody a chance to try and make mistakes along the way. I can deal with mistakes, but not with fear of trying. On the other hand, I can deal with discipline, corrective feedback or even negative feedback, but not with being left out of a team. It is really not a nice feeling.

Anyway, this morning I woke up early to catch sunrise on top of Borobudur temple. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperative and it was a cloudy morning. But, I still took a few snapshots to share with you. They’re okay, not as glorious as a perfect sunrise, but okay.

So, here are the photos. Have a great week ahead and the term “a team player” means you get involved and get people involved. This age is the era of collaboration. Superheros only exist in comics and even they collaborate. Remember The Avengers and X-Men?




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