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Long Weekend in Banyuwangi

on October 3, 2015

Hello hello!

How is everyone? I hope you are all well and happy. I am doing well myself. Life has been busy, but I still had the chance to have a getaway last weekend to a city in East Java, Banyuwangi. It is one of the rising stars in Indonesia’s tourism recently, due to its pristine beaches and surf-rated waves. The name Banyuwangi itself means Fragrant Water. Legend has it that a long time ago, a princess threw herself in the waters there to prove her fidelity to her husband. She said if the waters smelled fragrant after receiving her body, then she had been faithful. If not, it meant she had been unfaithful. It turned out that the water became fragrant and since then the place was called Banyuwangi.

Why did I go there? Well, as usual to be where my feet had never been and take pictures. Since my trip was short, I only had the chance to go to three places, all by the sea. First, I went to Red Island beach, a scenic place to see the sunset in Banyuwangi, and a place for an annual international surfing competition. Then, because recently I developed a fondness of traditional fishing villages, I went to Muncar seaport. Muncar is the second biggest traditional fishing port in Indonesia, the first one being Bagan Siapi-api in Riau, Sumatera. Lastly, I went to Green Bay beach. A small beach that requires some adventurous spirit to get there, because there is no easy way to reach it. The options are only two: by land, tracking about an hour on a pretty steep challenging track, or, by sea on a small traditional fishing boat, daring the rather fierce waves of the sea. I opted for the second and honestly confessed the trip to the beach was rather scary. But, I got there! 😀

So, here are the photos. I hope you enjoy them and as the Dalai Lama said: every year, go somewhere you have never been to before. So, pick a destination! Have a great weekend!

Sunset at Red Island Beach

A surfer in a distance riding the waves at Red Island Beach

The colorful fishermen’s boats at Muncar seaport

The numerous fishermen’s boats at Muncar seaport make a colorful view at Muncar seaport

Panorama view of Green Bay beach

A boy starting his castle of sand at Green Bay beach




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