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The small things in life in a few paragraphs and snapshots

Scribbled Bio

Once upon a christmas eve morning, an expecting mother had decided to go home thinking that her contraction was false alarm. It had been ten days since the first false alarm and the baby had simply decided to stay in. But, at noon that day, just as she started packing, the familiar pain came back – this time, though, it was no longer a false alarm. After hours of labor pain, a baby girl was born. Finally. At six o’clock in the evening. Just as the first Christmas service started at churches around the city.

The mother called the christmas eve baby: Grace.

Grace is a grown woman now. She is level-headed when it comes to her birthday and is very forgiving when people forget. Jesus Christ is tough competition. And another reason would be…she’s also awful at remembering birthdays.

Grace loves traveling. She thinks the homo sapiens nomad society was pretty cool. She once tried it and did 10 cities in 5 different European countries in 15 days. It was an amazing experience to her as the world was always new in the morning as she traveled. And experiences such as those along with the tough times (and she has quite a number of them – just like everybody else) have made her appreciate friendships and relationships better. One of her favorite quotes is: “Happiness is only real when shared.”

And she gets poetic too, — at times. Sometimes. Well, many many times. She thinks Pablo Neruda is really cool. And Shakespeare too, — when she managed to understand the words. Afterall, she is not a native english speaker….although, according to her father, her great great great grandfather was an english man. She half believes it. Her grandfather was evidently of mixed origin with his brown eyes and fair skin. But, in the old days, westerners coming to Molucca islands could be Portuguese, Dutch, or…well, English. So, since there is no written records, you’ll never really know.

Recently, Grace thought that she should put her weekly notes to her friends, colleagues and acquaintances (although being Indonesian, they are all friends to her) on a blog. And so, this blog came to life. Everyone outside her Friday Note contact group can now follow her story, if he/she so chooses.

To end this bio, Grace would like to add that despite all her travels and solo travels, she has a really bad sense of direction. She can even be lost at a mall and easily forgets where she parks her red car (that’s why she chose red car as it is easier to spot). So, if one day it so happens by divine intervention that you travel with her, please forgive her if she leads you to wrong directions. My advise would be to trust Google Map more than her. But, as a companion, she is not bad. Not bad at all.



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