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Hello 🙂

How is everyone doing? I hope you are all well and happy.

I am currently away for an assignment in Yogyakarta, a region on the south coast of Central Java. Life is still a swinging pendulum and I have decisions to make. It has been quite tough for me dealing with some challenging people. But it made me learn one important thing, which Benjamin Franklin said perfectly and I quote:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

It has inspired me to be a leader that always keeps that in mind. I have made a promise, and you are all my witnesses, that I will never leave out anyone who works with and for me in any team. I will definitely give anybody a chance to try and make mistakes along the way. I can deal with mistakes, but not with fear of trying. On the other hand, I can deal with discipline, corrective feedback or even negative feedback, but not with being left out of a team. It is really not a nice feeling.

Anyway, this morning I woke up early to catch sunrise on top of Borobudur temple. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperative and it was a cloudy morning. But, I still took a few snapshots to share with you. They’re okay, not as glorious as a perfect sunrise, but okay.

So, here are the photos. Have a great week ahead and the term “a team player” means you get involved and get people involved. This age is the era of collaboration. Superheros only exist in comics and even they collaborate. Remember The Avengers and X-Men?




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Hello, hello! 😀

How is everyone doing? All is well, I hope. I haven’t been able to write because of a few things that I needed to sort out. My life has been quite a mixture of highs and lows with a few drops of confusion.

Anyway, I got this image from my Pinterest feed and I instantly felt the urge to share it with you guys. You see, I also have dreams that need time to come true. In fact, I am in the middle of decision making process to postpone one of them for a year. I was afraid that I might lose the race against time on it. But reading this, I now feel that it can wait and it is alright to wait.

So, to end this short note, I just want to say: Hold on to your dreams.

Here’s the image. Have a fantastic weekend!






How are you? I sincerely hope that you are all well and healthy and happy. If you’ve had a tough week, you may want to have a look at this: It helped me put my life in the right perspective. Not to say that our problem is nothing, it’s just…maybe there are still things to be grateful for regardless. For my part, I am happy I have you all to write to. Otherwise, I’d probably have been depressed and pay good money for some psychiatrist who wouldn’t have been half as fun as friends like you 🙂

I recently decided to join an interesting stress-avoidance activity on WordPress. It’s the Weekly Photo Challenge. The people at WordPress give us a theme every Friday for us to interpret into photograph. It is really fun for me. This week the theme is HOME. It was rather surprising for me that when I asked myself what is ‘home’ to me, I could not give a straight answer. I have been what one of my aunts called ‘long footed’. It means that I have restless feet and spend the bigger portion of my time outside the house. So, I concluded that ‘home’ to me could not be a building or even a city. When I gave it some more thoughts, I realised that what is home to me is people. People that I enjoy spending time with doing various stuffs from going to concerts, eating, drinking, laughing, crying, talking, playing or even just sitting together in silence. And to me, those people are basically family. So, home is family. And in line with that, the snapshot for this week is a photo of a family of three: Father, Mother, and Daughter. I took this picture when I went to Bali last year. I think it is one of the most beautiful moments I have ever witnessed.

So, what about you? What is your stress-avoidance activity? And what is home to you? You know you can always write to me and tell me all about it 🙂

Have a great weekend (or a great week ahead if you read this on Monday) and happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese friends.