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Season Greetings

Dear friends,

I haven’t been writing to you for a long time now. And it is not because I have forgotten about you all. A lot has been happening at work and I have to admit that I just did not make time to keep in touch. But, this Christmas, I made sure that I spent time with my best friends. It has been a great Christmas time, one to remember for years to come. We decided to visit an orphanage for children aged 0-6 years old and shared Christmas cookies with them. We also dropped of some daily baby stuffs like diapers and milk. It is a nice feeling to be able to share with these children. I am thinking of doing this on a more regular basis and then add more activities like story telling, book reading and more engagement activities.

I am sharing with you some photos from my Christmas with my friends and family. Christmas eve is also my birthday. And I am truly blessed this year to have been able to share it with these people. I hope you have the same joy that I experienced this Christmas.

From us, my cat Sandy included, to you and your family: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you who celebrate, and happy holidays to all.



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Cheerful Giving Day

Hello 😀

How are you all doing? I hope you are all well and happy. If you’ve had a tough week, then I hope this weekend you get to rest and unwind. Do fun things with your loved ones. Switch off and recharge.

By the way, this Friday, I joined a small party at the office, arranged by my colleagues from Finance Department. We exchanged gifts, with a couple of ground rules: wrap it with newspaper and it cannot worth more than $5. I got a teddy-bear lamp and an umbrella! 😀 It was fun. I am pretty new to the company, so, it felt as quite a warm welcome. The thing I always prayed for whenever I crossed over to another side was that I found good friends. And so far, that has always been the case.

So, what about you? Have you marked your calendar for a christmas or year-end party yet? Well, I hope you will have a wonderful time ending this year. It has been sort of a turbulent year for me. But, no regrets 🙂

I’m gonna share with you snapshots from the office party. Share yours too if you have some 🙂 Happy weekend!



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A Night To Remember

Hello, hello! 😀

I haven’t written for a while. I hope you are all well. If not, try to do what I do: find the things you like that you stop doing and do it again. Sometimes, we get buried under a lot of things: duty, responsibilities, problems, etc. and we stop doing things that help us recharge. I realized recently that I hadn’t sung for a long time and I love singing. I stopped going out for football match viewing with my die-hard-Liverpool-fan friends too. I was saved by writing to you guys as I love writing. But, live human interaction is important. So, when I finally managed to use my Liverpool match ticket last Saturday, I was beyond happy! I got to see lots of friends and had great fun before, during and after the match. And Monday was not as heavy as it had been for a while.

Well, I guess you get the cue. Photos for this week are from that memorable night when Liverpool FC played on Indonesia’s soil for the very first time. It was quite an emotional night for me and thousands of supporters. We never thought it would happen in our life time, but it did. I had the chance to see Liverpool play before, in their home ground at Anfield, at Emirates Stadium in London and in Singapore. But at my home town? It is very very special!

So, here are the pictures from my unforgettable night. If you have never been to a football match at a stadium, try it. It is a totally different atmosphere from watching it on TV. Nothing beats the real thing!

Have a great week ahead!

We turned Gelora Bung Karno National Stadium into a Red Sea!

That’s me with my Red family! I was sooooo happy to see them again!

No Pyro No Party! My naughty fellow Reds set off a few flares in tribute to 96 people who died at the Hillsborough tragedy. Justice For The 96!

If you want to know the difference between Indonesian Reds and other clubs’ supporter: we know the chants and songs like the Reds back home do. We sing the whole match! I lost my voice after the match!


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