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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

I think South East Asia is one of the richest regions when it comes to patterns. I took this photo of pillars at Cao Dai temple, in Vietnam.



Infantile Fascination

Hello 🙂

How are you all doing? 🙂 I hope all is well in your universe. I skipped a week without a note, because I was away in Matak Island again and the internet connection there was a flashback to the ’90s. So, to be able to send email with the kind of content contained in today’s world is a mission. But, I am okay. My project is wrapping up soon and I will move on to another project in April.

I think I mentioned that I was gonna take pictures of my neighbourhood and share with you. Unfortunately, my procrastinating self was taking over, so I haven’t done it. But, I do have a few other interesting snapshots that I took on my way to Matak Island and back. The thing about flying is most of the time, you get the chance to see some of the better, if not best, view of the planet. Earlier this week on my way to Matak, I got to see the same view of the rice fields I had seen before, but, because it was early in the morning, the sun was shinning on it and so I saw this breathtaking view of its reflection on the watery rice fields. And it moved as the plane moved! So, I was fascinated, pretty much like a child 😀 It may have something to do with my flat plain life these days, that I am easily awed, but it is one of the joys in my life that I get to be fascinated like a little girl again.

Well, to end this note, I am also happy to announce that I managed to read books again. I have completed one titled “Parasit Lajang” (Single Parasite) by Ayu Utami, my favourite Indonesian female writer. I am now reading this teenage book titled “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green, which is actually not so teenage in some ways, it’s kinda deep. I thought I need to read some light stuffs these days so as to not to intensify my tendency to be stressed.

So, you have a fabulous week ahead. Try to find something that can fascinate you like a child again. I promise you, it is a great feeling.

#1: My flight got delayed, so while waiting, I took snapshots of the planes taking off like this one.


#2: The moving golden sun reflection that fascinated me like a little child…


#3: We had to stop for fuel at Pangkalpinang, that is in Bangka Island.


#4: And then back again at the airport at sunset a week later…amazing colours, aren’t they?



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