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Hong Kong Series Ep 1: Children

Happy New Year 2013!! 😀

Hello, hello.

How are you guys? Some of you are still in holiday maybe. I hope everyone has had a great holiday. Mine was great as I spent it in one of my favorite countries, Hong Kong, meeting some special friends and special angelic creatures.

So, did resolutions from last year work out as planned? Mine didn’t 😀 Do you have any resolution for this year? I read somewhere that you should make resolutions that focus on relationships, like fall in love (for the single ones, of course), go home at 6 to have dinner every night with family, etc. I’m gonna give falling in love a try 😉 Let’s see what happens…in 90 days.

Anyways, of course I have photos from my Hong Kong trip. I’m gonna do a series of three. First is the little angels I had the honor to meet and play with during my visit. They are so so adorable, I want to get my own! So, here they are, meet Matthew and Angela (Parents: please don’t sue me for unauthorized publication!). Have a great weekend!




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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Hello hello! 😀

How are you guys doing? I guess we are all happy today because it is not the end of the world yet…literally 😀 I am happy to tell you that I got through a week offshore safely. It was not as intimidating as I thought it would be. The people I met were kind and helpful. And it is quite an experience to be the only female on board a floating platform. It makes me miss my skirts and make up pack so much! 😀 I have to say I was bored though…it really is not my thing. I couldn’t bring my camera either due to safety reasons. And the best I can do is shoot the view outside my cabin’s window with my lousy Blackberry. I feel for the crew who have to spend Christmas there away from their loved ones. It is no fun at all with the kind of weather at this time of year.

Before I end this note, which may be the last one for this year, I would like to thank you for letting me share bits of my life with you this year. To those who have written to me and share their bits in return, I truly am happy to be your friend and I treasure our friendship.

So, picture of the year now! 😀 if you wonder what an oil floating platform looks like, here it is. Have a great year end holiday and Merry Christmas! I wish you all a brilliant 2013!



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Before The Year Ends

Hello 🙂

I hope this note finds you in a good spirit. The holiday mood is starting and maybe that will help motivate us more to get things done quickly, so we can enjoy the end of the year fully. Have you planned where you will spend the year end in? Pick a place and go! Don’t let the year end without you enjoying it. That’s one. The other thing is: don’t let it end with regrets. Say what you want to say to people you want to say it to. Do what you want to do. Go where you want to go, if at all possible.

As for me, I am having probably one of the most challenging time in my life, work wise. I suppose we all get to be in this situation at some point, so I know it’s nothing special. But, it helps to share. There is the small matter of me going away spending about 10 days (no more than that I pray) floating on the sea beginning next week. So, I probably will have to miss two friday notes. But, I will catch up just before Christmas. I am really looking forward to Christmas and year end, as I am going to spend it in one of my favorite countries: Hongkong 😀

So, as a warm up, snapshot for this week is from my visit to Hongkong last year. I hope you have great weeks ahead. And I wish you all a very happy delightful lovely merry fun joyous fabulous exciting wonderful beautiful super amazing…great year end 🙂



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