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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

Here’s my interpretation of “Foreshadow” – dark clouds hanging over Tanjungpendam beach in Belitung Island, Indonesia. I miss the island!



Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Sunset at Tanjung Pendam Beach, Belitung Island, Indonesia


The Amazing Sunset Over Java

Hello, hello.

I hope everyone is doing well and happy and enjoying the weekend. I am stranded voluntarily at the usual coffee shop, waiting for the rain to stop. So, I decided to write this note to you guys.

I just returned home yesterday from Yogyakarta. It has been a tough (depressing) week, as one of my best friends can testify, but I am alright now. It wasn’t all bad, as I managed to shop for batik and got myself a nice cheap batik blouse and a girly batik dress. Also, on the way home, I was on board of Garuda Airlines, whose pilot for the flight was a great tour guide! He flew the plane and showed us the peaks of Mount Sundoro and Sumbing (which I stupidly missed to shoot because I was so amazed) and gave us some stunning sunset views which I am sharing with you now.

Oh, by the way, remember I wanted to have a pet again? I wrote and asked you if I should get a cat or a dog. I made up my mind to get a cat again. But, the picky girl that I am, I want a specific cat: an American Bobtail Short Hair cat. I browsed the internet, but although some advertise american bobtail, they have yet to have the kittens to put up for adoption/sale. So, if by any chance, you come upon an american bobtail short hair cat in Jakarta up for adoption, preferably 1 year old, let me know.

Here are the sunsets. Have a great weekend and week ahead.





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